*Read This First* Want To Organise a Crew Meet or Event? Here's How! *Read This First*

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*Read This First* Want To Organise a Crew Meet or Event? Here's How! *Read This First*

Post by Crusader9112 on Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:30 pm

We are a crew that loves to meet up and have fun with all this game has to offer. Earning hard cash by grinding missions, playing fellow members created jobs, showing off our cars and rinsing randoms in freemode lobbies are just a few examples of things we could get together and do.

This section of the forum allows you, yes YOU, to get thinking about what you would like to do with the crew and organise and run an evening of entertainment! We want you to get involved and get creative!

Setting up a crew meet or event is easy!

1. Think of an idea!

This could be anything from a themed car meet such as Lowriders or Super Cars to a DLC themed night such as a Halloween DLC evening with a playlist of some spooky themed jobs! Just get creative and use all that the game has to offer to put together a fun and enjoyable evening for all that take part.

2. Create a new topic in the Crew Meets and Events forum and write a post to tell everybody about your idea!

You will need to include the date and time you intend to hold the event using the Calendar function at the very bottom of the page. Any other information you think would be useful such as for a fancy dress evening where people will make a certain outfit for the occasion, or limiting the weapons that could be used during a manhunt for example.

Manana Mondays will be returning soon along with one of my own ideas for a Crew Created Jobs Playlist, regular car meets and all sorts of stuff so come get involved!


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