Next activity date/meet date

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Next activity date/meet date

Post by MALCDG1234 on Mon Feb 15, 2016 8:10 am

hi guys.

when does this crew normally meet up? I was with you guys on Friday night.
im in south Africa and we about 1hour ahead of time to England.(just using that as a example, ill work out when I need to be online)
but im normally on from 5pm till about 11pm on week days.and most of the days on weekends
I also enjoy the heists and basically anything to do with making a lot of money.
so if anyone shares the same interests then feel free to send me a invite and ill most probably join up.
been having trouble with some useless random players who cant even pass a simple mission so looking to find a group of active members who have 'visible' skill haha.
note- my character rating doesn't reflect my true skill, but you can be the judge of that ofcourse


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Re: Next activity date/meet date

Post by Crusader9112 on Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:58 am

Hey, good to see you on the forum buddy! Go check out my recent post on PS4 Events section. There's a car meet happening tonight around 10pm your time. Also I'm normally on every evening, we're already friends on PSN so I'll just see you there! I've done all the heist twice over with a previous group and I'm well up for getting another crew together Smile

See you soon.


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